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[May 11, 2017 BD-XVL Converter 2017.000]


This is a program which converts data created with "CR-5000/Board Designer", the de facto standard of PCB CAD, into the XVL format, the industry standard of ultra lightweight 3D format.
You can easily create digital mock up of PCB which can be utilized in various stages of design review.
* The program can be used in an environment without Board Designer.


    BD-XVL Converter In addition, you can convert PCB data into a more detailed 3D model, by obtaining a 3D part model from ePartFinder and placing/replacing it with a XVL data editing system "XVL Studio" series. You can also perform detailed interference checks between electrical and mechanical design and verifications of PCB assembly. Moreover, with the ZUKEN's original package " XVL Studio Z " from the "XVL Studio" series focused on design review, various electrical check functions required for designing electronic devices, such as ESD verification, safety standards verification, and EMC verification, etc., can be realized.   

Checking the XVL sample data
 PCB data whose electronic parts are replaced with detailed shapes (543KB)
 PCB data immediately after the conversion (463KB)


* XVL data can be viewed with the free software "Lattice3D Player". See below for the link of download site.  



* Easy to handle. Converts the PCB data created with Board Designer into 3D with one push of a button.

No complicated settings prior to use are required. You don't need to have the BD program or a license.
Simply drag and drop BD data and press [Execute] button, then you have XVL data of PCB. The shape of the electronic part is generated by lifting the part area in a vertical direction.


* Converts net/part information required for design reviews.

You can convert not only pattern or via shapes but also net information.
You can also precisely view/verify the routing of high voltage or ground patterns.
As for part information, not only references (circuit symbols) but also various information such as part names can be converted.
You can also perform detailed review by utilizing the design information in different divisions.


* Converts data required for manufacturing.

Converts not only patterns and parts, but also the shapes of silk, resist and metal mask.
For the PCB thickness, you can refer to the layer structure set on the Board Designer.
Without actual PCB, you can perform verification using realistic 3D PCB data from the phase of designing.


* You can immediately use it with no installation cost required.

With zero cost, you can convert PCB design data into 3D and view it.
You will be able to generate/utilize 3D PCB data in various divisions.

System Requirements


OS - Windows 10 Education 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 10 Enterprise 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 10 Pro 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 10 Home 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 8.1 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 or later 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 or later 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 7 Professional SP1 or later 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 or later 32-bit/64-bit
* The behavior in 'Table mode' is not supported.
CPU Processor of 1GHz or above
Memory 1GHz or above
* We recommend a processor of 2GB or above when handling large volume of data.
Capacity of hard disk drive 100MB or above
* The available hard-disk space required for installation.
Display Resolution 1024x768 or more

Corresponding revision of Board Designer



Download BD-XVL Converter

The BD-XVL Converter is downloadable from Zuken Global Support website that is available only for customers who have a maintenance contract.

How to Obtain Related Tools

  • How to obtain Lattice3D Player

The "Lattice3D Player" is a free 3D viewer provided by Lattice Technology Co., Ltd. The converted XVL files can be viewed with "XVL Player".
You can download the program from the link below.

[Lattice Technology Co., Ltd]
Go to Lattice3D Player download site


* About the support service
The BD-XVL Converter support service is available only for customers who have an maintenance contract of XVL products with ZUKEN.
Contact our 3D assist service team. 


* About inquiry on products
For inquiries about XVL products, please contact below.  





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