Get ready for 3D in PCB Design!


Can you answer to the following questions right away on the PCB design below?

[Q1.] Point out the areas which may cause problems for assembly or manufacturing.
[Q2.] Point out the critical distances to be checked in a design review.
[Q3.] How long does it take to prepare a 3D illustration of this PCB?

You will see the answers in the video here under. (00:02:13)

The Ultra-Light format "XVL" unlocks the real benefits of 3D

There are various merits for using 3D viewing in the PCB engineering process. However, it is still not common practice for people to use 3D viewing in the PCB designing process today.
3D images of a PCB are often required for various manuals and other documentation as well as in the design and verification process. This can be very inefficient if those illustrations are reproduced separately by the designers themselves or someone else.

There are intermediate formats, such as IDF and DXF, that can be used for inputting PCB data into a 3D-CAD system. Not only do they require a special skill to operate, the time and effort required for brining in complex forms with large data sets can be quite significant.

This FREE DOWNLOADABLE "ODB++XVL Converter" can generate easy to use, ultra-light 3D data (XVL) directly from ODB++ formatted PCB design data. ODB++ is supported by most of the PCB-CAD tools used today. This allows you to use the 3D-PCB data from the initial board design for electro-mechanical verification, design review, digital mock-ups, and other down stream processes without frustration.

The "ODB++XVL converter" brings you the next-generation PCB design and manufacturing environment.

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The combination of ODB++ and XVL maximizes the usability

You can generate a 3D model of a PCB easily from the ODB++ data outputted from PCB-CAD.

About ODB++
It is an open data format for transmitting information to a manufacturing process from the design process of PCB.
ODB++ contains component's height and other attributes, which are not maintained in the Gerber format. This allows different checks for manufacturability beyond placement information for manufacturing equipment.
Main PCB-CAD which can output ODB++ (Altium)Altium Designer , Protel
(Cadence) Allegro PCB Design , OrCAD PCB
(Mentor) Expedition , Board Station , PADS
(Zuken)CR-5000 , CR-8000 , CADStar
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About XVL
It is an "ultra-light" and "highly precise" 3D data format.
XVL is the most lightweight 3D format in the industry. It is used by thousands of companies enabling rapid communication, production and collaboration leveraging 3D throughout the manufacturing supply chain. With the free viewer tool running on a browser, in office software, on a tablet computer, etc. everyone is able to view the 3D data regardless of the time and the location.
To Lattice Technology , Inc

Data size comparison

Parts count:153
Pin-pairs count:710
1.4MB 50.1MB 0.5MB
Parts count:769
Pin-pairs count:2775
9.3MB 546.0MB 3.1MB

Application examples

Intuitive and smooth communication
With the use of 3D-PCB data, an intuitive understanding of the data greatly increases the efficiency of communication when compared to using 2D-PCB data and drawings. Everyone, in any group, is able to view the 3D-PCB thanks to the free downloadable viewer.

Electro-Mechanical verification
XVL Studio Z(*1) is an optional electro-mechanical design review solution. With XVL Studio Z, you can use various features for 3D digital mock-up as shown below. 3D mechanical CAD data can be imported to XVL Studio Z through the converter(*2).

Interference check
Electrical clearnace verification
Electrostatic verification


At post-design processes
"XVL Studio series" is an edit tool which creates process animation and technical documents. Using the 3D-PCB data generated from ODB++, the creation of documentation for production assembly is done quickly with very high quality.

Process animation
Work instructions


*1 You can see the details of XVL Studio Z from here.

ZUKEN released BD-XVL Converter for changing ZUKEN PCB-CAD (CR-5000/Board Designer) into XVL, and XVL Studio Z in 2010. There are many companies now using XVL Studio Z.

*2 A separate converter is required to convert 3D-CAD data into XVL format.

XVL Converter is able to concert most 3D-CAD systems data
SolidWorks , Inventor , Creo , CATIA , NX , I-DEAS , SolidEdge , iCAD/SX , etc.


For more information on XVL products, please contact us.

System Requirements

ODB++ XVL Converter runs on Windows. The system requirements are as follows.

OS ・Windows XP Professional SP2~
・Windows XP Professional x64 SP2
・Windows Vista Ultimate/Enterprise/Business 32bit SP1~
・Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise/Professional/Home Premium 32bit
・Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise/Professional/Home Premium 64bit
・Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise 32bit
・Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise 64bit
CPU 1GHz or more
Memory 1GB or more *2GB or more is recommended
HDD 100MB or more *The above is a space area required for installation
Display 1024 x 768 or more
ODB++ Based on ODB++Ver.7.0(*)

* The version check method of ODB++ data.

The following statements required in the file: "info" in folder [job_name] \misc\ of ODB++.

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