XVL Studio Z



Virtual validation of the mechanism and electricity using Digital Mock Up.
Spatial and electric verification in 3D is realized and the result can be transmitted easily correctly.


1) Create a Digital Mock Up of Entire Assembled Products


Electrical Design Data >> XVL
Zuken provides 2 free converters.

BD-XVL Converter
Convert the data of CR5000/Board Designer into XVL directly.

ODB++ XVL Converter
Convert the data of ODB++ into XVL. Main PCB-CAD sysytems which can output ODB++.
Expedition , Board Station , Allegro PCB Design , CADVANCE αIII , Altium Designer , CR-5000 , CR-8000 , CADStar , etc

Mechanical Design Data >> XVL
XVL Converter Series convert various 3D-CAD systems and file format data into XVL. Main 3D-CAD systems and file formats which can be convert to XVL.

Solid Works , Inventor , Creo Parametric , Creo Elements/Direct , CATIA , NX , I-DEAS , Solid-Edge , ICAD/SX , etc

[File Format]
STEP , IGES , Parasolid , JT , Polygon(VRML2.0 , OBJ , STL , DXF , 3ds) , etc

2) Replace the 3D Electronic Part Model with Refined Shape

You can get more detailed data of the PCB.

If detailed 3D part models are not found in your library, you can directly search ePartFinder, and download them in a batch.
In case the position of the origin or angles are different between the part on the PCB and the downloaded part model, you can insert the PCB coordinate system which you regard as the origin with an intuitive operation and perform replacement.

[XVL Studio Z] Replace part shapes(00:01:37)


3) Virtual verification by the Digital Mock Up of whole product

Interfere Check

[XVL Studio Z] Interfere Check(00:01:04)


Safety check , ESD check , and EMC check

[XVL Studio Z] Electrical Check(00:01:57)



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E-mail: oxc-grobal@zuken.co.jp